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A lion captured by jackals

A lion captured by jackals

Today is the birthday of the national hero, although he is not very known. He represents the youth 1980-s, who fought for the independence of the country from the rule of the Soviet empire. He represents the youth who, despite being closely watched by the Soviet KGB, the world’s most powerful security service in those years, fought for religion, freedom and national pride and won. This person is Saidumar Husaini.

Although today some of the falsifiers of history are trying to rewrite the country’s independence in their name, people like Saidumar have sacrificed their lives to fight the communist regime and are now spending their old age behind the bars of the former communists, who fought against Saidumar and his confederates for the restoration of the Soviet regime.

He is one of the few who could lead such a party as the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan, but he never tried to lead and was always in the shadow of the first person as deputy and adviser. To be an ordinary worker, or an adviser, or a deputy for him was the same – a duty of faith. People like Saidumar Husaini have reached such a level of faith and muslim responsibility that they did everything to obtain the satisfaction of Allah, and it did not matter to them what they were doing, at what level and in what position they performed their duties.

The biography of this person from God testifies that and deserves to be recorded in history. At the time when his peers chanted “Lenin is our leader” and considered themselves “the happy Soviet generation”, he was not only an excellent student at school, but also studied in secret religious madrassas. In an atheistic country with strong security services that carefully monitors every step, a group of religious scholars and young people, such as Sayyid Abdullah Nuri and Muhammadsharif Himmatzoda, were able to create secret religious madrassas in southeastern Tajikistan, gather hundreds of smart teenagers and youths their, who subsequently formed the basis of the liberation movement.

His education in secret religious madrassas coincided with the peak of the Soviet regime, which not only silenced the voice of freedom inside the country, but also drowned it by force throughout the world. Not knowing that such youth is growing inside it and will subsequently become one of the reasons for the collapse of the most bloodthirsty empire in history.

The difficult education at the university did not prevent him from receiving a religious education, and as soon as he entered the university and moved to the capital of the country in 1981, he immediately found one of the young and vigilant teachers of that time, Muhammadsharif Himmatzoda, and continued his religious education. Later, he got acquainted with the ideas of the IRPT and joined it and remained one of its most active members until his arrest and imprisonment in 2015, t .e. during 33 years, half of which time held executive positions.

He not only continued his religious education as a student, but also was engaged in religious preaching at the university. The activities, which in Soviet times were equated with state treason and was severely punished. The presence of Saidumar and his peers at the university has led many students to take the true path and through them spread Sharia knowledge in many areas, including areas where the light of religion has been completely dimmed.

After graduation, he settled in the village of Mavlono in Dushanbe, began preaching and soon organized several secret religious madrassas at his home and homes of his students. In his free time, he educated teenagers and youth, and his work has developed so much that in a short time the whole village of Mavlono has become a large republican madrassa. Every second house in the village was turned into a madrasa, and people competed with each other in organizing madrassas for children and youth at home. Children and youth from all over the country studied at these madrassas. Saidumar Husaini did not stop there and sent his students to the universities of the country, since they were also well trained in secular sciences. This initiative of the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan, which was carried out by Saidumar Husaini and other members, caused hundreds of young people to enter universities and spread religious knowledge to all corners of the country.

He was also directly involved in the creation of the Islamic Revival Party of the Soviet Union.

After the outbreak of the conflict in Tajikistan, he emigrated to Afghanistan with other members of the IRPT, where he continued his mission – educating people. He taught the religion to Mujahideen, their children and other migrants.

After signing the Tajikistan peace agreement, Saidumar returned to the country. According to the agreement, 30 percent of government shoud be represented by The United Tajik Opposition (UTO) and Saidumaru Husaini was offered the post of head of the Muminobod district. But President Emomali Rakhmonov himself asked him to shave, or at least cut his beard before taking the position. He flatly refused. When his friends told him that he could make some concessions to serve the people, he replied: “It’s not about a beard. If I accept their inappropriate wishes, this will give them a reason to impose even more of  their wishes on me”. And he was absolutely right. All those who were imposed on the initial inappropriate wishes of the authorities, in the end were completely under pressure and their hands and feet were tied.

In 1981, he was elected the IRPT General Secretary, and in 2010 in the year he became a member of parliament. He was one of the few deputies who opposed any anti-people law and was categorically against injustices. He was repeatedly offered high posts in the government in exchange for leaving the party, but he refused. Two months before the party closed, he was abroad and the IRPT leadership suggested him not return to Tajikistan, because he was facing arrest. However, he categorically rejected this proposal, saying: “This is the determination of Allah that one group of people should be imprisoned in order for the truth to triumph and for the people to attain freedom.

When he wanted to fly to Almaty to attend the conference, he was detained from inside the aircraft. The first day they treated him with great respect and offered him the post of minister in several ministries of his choice. In return, they demanded an official statement against the IRPT leader, Muhiddin Kabiri. But he categorically refused. When they realized that Husaini could not be bought by job or money, they threw a bag over his head and took him to the interrogation room, where he was beaten so badly that no part of his body was left untouched. When, after three weeks of torture, his lawyer was able to meet with him and find out about his health, he responded with a peculiar joke that his leg hurt earlier, but after the beating it recovered.

He was held in a prison cell with another prisoner. He did not let go of the Qur’an and constantly read and learned it by heart. His neighbor sometimes offered a little chat. In response, he would hand him the Qur’an and said: “You follow, and I will read by heart.” The faith of his neighbor did not allow denying the reading of the Qur’an, and he watched all day, while Saidumar Husaini was repeating. He said: “I would like the verdict to be pronounced later, so that I can finish learning the Qur’an by heart.” And so it happened. For nine months in pre-trial detention, he was able to memorize the entire Qur’an when he was 56, of which he previously knew only eight juz’. According to his neighbor, he never lost hope and showed no signs of regret or change of purpose. He was always filled with the same spirit of faith and confidence in the truth.

During these nine months, his family did not have the opportunity to see him and did not know about his condition or mood. They thought that Saidumar Husaini was in a state of despair and disappointment. His older sister was worried about him and nearly fell over. When the verdict was announced and they were allowed to meet, they were very surprised. Saidumar Husaini, was as happy and cheerful as before, and even more cheerful. He continued joking and comforted his family. Her sister was relieved to see her, and her grief subsided.

He also sent a message to his comrades: “Never give up and stand firmly, because we are on the right way.”

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, there is no news of him. His relatives do not have the opportunity to see him and rely only on information from the authorities, who claim that everything is fine with him.

Usually dictatorial, anti-people and cowardly authorities kill and imprison heroes and brave people because they can lead and direct people. But authorities do not always succeed in this. In many cases, the names of heroes and brave men turn into epics, and sometimes even their names cause a rebellion of the people.

Saidumar Husaini is a lion who fell into the clutches of jackals, but retained his pride and firmness. The lion remains lion even in the cage, and the jackal is the jackal, even he is king.

A lion captured by jackals