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IRPT statement on Abdukakhor Davlat being tortured in prison

IRPT statement on Abdukakhor Davlat being tortured in prison

The Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan (IRPT) expresses its deep concern over the health of Abdukahor Davlat, an imprisoned member of the IRPT Supreme Board, and demands the authorities to release a detailed report on his state of health.
After the public appeal of the imprisoned deputy chairman of the IRPT Muhammadali Hait was published, there were news about the attack on Hikmatullo Sayfullozoda, the deteriorating health of Rahmatullo Rajab, and also reports appeared that Abdukahor Davlat was tortured.
These reports once again confirmed our information about possible illegal actions of the authorities in the new prison, and prompted us to even more persistently appeal to international organizations and human rights institutions.
In particular, at the moment Rahmon, who has usurped power in Tajikistan over the past 30 years, is in Europe. We call on the European Parliament and the President of France, as the cradle of democracy and the defender of universal human values, to discuss the cases of Abdukakhor Davlat, Hikmatullo Sayfullozoda, Rahmatullo Rajab and other political prisoners with Rahmon and demand him to comply with the UN Human Rights Committee Decision on political prisoners in Tajikistan and release them immediately.

Supreme Board of the IRPT