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IRPT statement on recent incident in Germany

IRPT statement on recent incident in Germany

The IRPT leadership strongly condemns the violent conflict between Tajik bloggers in Germany, and emphasizes that none of the participants has any relations with the Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan. In the virtual space, various individuals act independently and consider it their right to fight against oppression and injustice, but most of them have no relations with the IRPT, and are independently responsible for their words and actions.
It should be noted that family and personal ties cannot serve as a determining factor in the political relations of individuals or their belonging to various parties and groups.
Unfortunately, certain circles constantly discredit the IRPT, abusing such incidents. The recent incident was no exception, and certain individuals are trying to spread propaganda against the IRPT on the Internet without any evidence. The IRPT Supreme Board emphasizes that none of the parties to the conflict has ever been and is not a party member. The IRPT has always stressed that everyone can follow the party's position on the IRPT's official website and on its official pages on social networks, and that no actions or statements by individuals have anything to do with the party's position.
The Islamic Renaissance Party of Tajikistan has fallen victim to violence, injustice and oppression and is well aware of the consequences of such actions. Therefore, the party has always declared and once again declares that it is opposed to any acts of violence, emotional and inhuman conflicts.
Regarding the recent incident, the IRPT believes that the German authorities can investigate and fairly resolve the incident, and also wishes that the German authorities study the incident carefully.
The IRPT Supreme Board