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Statement of the IRPT regarding fake "films" shown on Tajik national  state TVs

Statement of the IRPT regarding fake "films" shown on Tajik national state TVs

A fake “film” shown recently on a state television without mentioning its creators was full of slander and falsification.

The creators of this “film” completely changed the historical and current events of the country, using typical methods of propagandists to incite hatred and hostility towards various members of the society, including the IRPT.

Committing such a despicable act before the anniversary of signing of the Agreement on Peace and National Unity is an indicator of the lack of commitment of the country’s current leadership to the ideals and values ​​of this agreement.

False statements obtained through tortures and threats from prisoners and persons close to the IRPT leadership and their use as “evidences” is an illegal and inhumane act. The Supreme IRPT Board firmly denies all these allegations and strongly condemns such actions as continuing hostile policies and creating public hatred.

The IRPT, as a national and people force, at all stages of its activity uses and will use only legal methods of struggle for state and national independence, protection of freedom and honor from aggression of foreign forces and their internal protégés and the creation of a free society.

The current leadership of the country is not able to solve economic, social and political problems of the society, and they want to distract the attention of the people from the main problems before the presidential election, using such despicable propaganda.

The authorities should give logical and satisfactory answers to the current activities of constructive and opposition parties and movements, independent media and civil society in revealing the current realities of the country and the incompetence of the president. Instead of giving comprehensive answers to everyday questions of the society, the authorities use torture, distort history and adhere to hostile policies, which are signs of weakness and incompetence of the current leadership of the country and confirmation of criticism.

Along with denying these allegations, there will be specific steps in the future, to reveal the truth of the past and the present.

IRPT Supreme Board considers the unilateral assessment of the events of the civil war by one of its parties far from moral and scientific norms.

Therefore, IRPT Supreme Board considers it necessary to create an independent scientific group to analyze and evaluate the factors and consequences of the civil war. Until today, the authorities are opposing to compose a single list of civil war victims, as long as the existence of such a list with detailed information about each case of murder will eliminate the basis for such falsifications.

IRPT Supreme Board emphasizes that they will continue to struggle together with other national constructive forces in a legal and peaceful way to create a free society.

IRPT Supreme Board

23. 06. 2020