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The IRPT strongly condemns beheading of French teacher

The IRPT strongly condemns beheading of French teacher

The brutal murder of a French teacher by an 18-year-old Chechen shocked a lot of people around the world. Regardless of the factors of such behavior, blood was unfairly shed and a man died.
The fact that such an incident took place in the cradle of freedom and democracy is proof that some people still oppose to freedom and human values and consider such an environment as non-native to them. In the environment based on science, logic, thinking and human values, those who have no other weapons than force, threats, takfeer (accusations of disbelief) and violence see their interests at danger and provoke emotional Muslim youth to commit crimes against religion and against humanity.
The IRPT strongly condemns this crime and inhuman act, and declares that it strongly opposes to support, provocation, patronage or justification of such anti-religious and anti-humanity acts.
The IRPT believes that the concepts and messages of the religious circles and their attitudes towards issues related to religion must be redefined to prevent similar actions and provocation of Muslim youth by any interested groups.

IRPT Supreme Board