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The IRPT’s Condolences on the Tragic Accident that killed Foreign Tourists

The IRPT’s Condolences on the Tragic Accident that killed Foreign Tourists


U.S. Department of State

The Condolences of the IPRT’s The Supreme Council to the families of the victims of the yesterday tragic accident in Danghara distt. as well as to the United States of America, Switzerland and the Netherlands on the loss of their citizens.

It was with deep sorrow and regret for Tajiks, who are known for their amazing hospitality that such terrible accident against foreign tourists has yesterday taken place.

All residents of our country, regardless of the religion, region and race, consider this accident not only as a human tragedy, as well as a great blow to the reputation of our hospitable nation at the global level. Respect for the guests, and hospitality and protection of them, even in the most extreme circumstances, are part of our cultural elements and national values.

We hope that the details of this dramatic accident will be soon discovered. Investigation and discovering the causes and factors of this tragedy will not only refute rumours and assumptions, but also gives back the trust and reliance to the people and foreign tourists.

The Supreme Council of the IRPT